Hafiz Mitha profile.jpg

Hafiz Mitha - Founder

A serial entrepreneur, Hafiz founded PlayCity as a solution to a problem he faced. Adding value by merging his love for sports and technology guide his vision of what a successful company looks like. 

Favorite activities: Hockey, badminton, tennis, soccer, ping-pong & biking.


Jason Olandesca - Strategic partnerships

Holding a Bachelor of Nursing from the U of C, Jason's focus is developing partnerships that align with the adage "Exercise is medicine" 

Favourite activities: hockey, walking Sherlock the sheepdog and skiing.


Eisha alemao - marketing 

Earning her MBA from Queen’s University, Eisha leads marketing. Developing engaging content and thinking in conversions, Eisha rules the online world. 

Favourite activities: Yoga, running and working out



A leader in the mobile app space, Nikola leads a full stack development agency.

Favourite activities: Basketball is life!