Its bike month!

Cycling is a great activity for all ages and it’s a fun way to explore the city. Cycling is a low impact exercise and is a lot easier on the joints than running or walking. In honour of Bike Month, here are some of our favourite bike routes and some cyclist-friendly resources.

Top Three Rides

  • Nose Hill

Nose Hill provides great views of the mountain and downtown. There is a paved path, some gravel trails, and some dirt paths. It is kid and dog friendly but with some challenging hills if you want to get your heart rate up. 

  • Glenmore Reservoir

The Reservoir is beautiful ride that allows you to start at any point along the path. It is relatively smooth riding and can be a nice escape from the city. 

  • Bow River Trail

This easy cycling path can take you around the city. It is relatively flat which makes it kid friendly and you can cruise along at a good pace. It tends to be quite busy on the weekends so keep an eye out for crowds and slow down to be safe. 

Cycling Tips

  • Safety First: make sure you wear a helmet and have a bell on your bike. If you are cycling in lowlight, wear reflective clothing and put lights and reflectors on your bike.
  • Take Your Phone and ID: this will keep you from getting stranded, especially if you are out by yourself. It is important to have ID or your health care card on you in case you do get injured. If you’re like me, I tend to get lost on almost every single bike ride. It definitely helps to pull out my phone, drop a pin, and figure out how I can get home.
  • Stay Hydrated and Take Snacks: this is more important if you are going for a longer ride. If you are working hard, you body has enough fuel for 60-90 minutes. After that you’ll need to eat something or have a sport drink for some extra energy. The Dietitians of Canada have some great resources on exercise and nutrition.

This post is part of a series that is provided by Lauren @ beneFIT Lifestyle