Ambassador Insights

Ever wondered what it takes to become a PlayCity Ambassador? Our criteria is simple: share in the vision to enrich communities by connecting people through physical activities. Our Ambassadors’ backgrounds are as diverse as the PlayCity communities we’re building. The Ambassador Insights series starts with their stories. 

Ambassador Insights #1 Lucy Dunne

It’s a cool Monday afternoon in late October when we caught up with PlayCity Ambassador Lucy Dunne for a thirty-minute Q&A call. Her Aussie accent is barely discernible as she talks about NO.21 - The 21-day program she’s developed to help women make lifestyle changes with big impact that’s growing a global client base in countries including India, Sweden, Canada and Australia. It’s one of two online programs Lucy launched in the spring of 2017 through  

Lucy’s PlayCity Story story started when she met the founder Hafiz Mitha at #YYCFitExpo. There they and a handful of others bonded over the idea of the power of community building through physical activity. She downloaded the PlayCity app and when she set her profile up she put “beginner” beside all the activities she’d always wanted to try to see what would happen. As she started connecting with others the relationship to be an Ambassador naturally evolved.  

Q. For you, is physical activity a journey or destination?

Destination. For sure. I like to challenge myself and so I set a lot of milestones and keep lists of things I want to accomplish - it keeps me motivated and makes me feel successful.  I’m living by example. My current goal is centered around balance. In November I’ll be visiting Australia for a month - and so I’m focused on balancing the growth of Dunnebells with taking the time to visit with friends and family. 

Q. What was your favorite activity growing up? 

As a kid, I was always outside from sunrise to sunset - running with my brother and his friends. We got into what I’d call harmless mischief - skateboarding down hills and getting lost in the parks in our neighborhood. There wasn’t a lot of technology but we had a lot of fun. 

Q. And today?

Today, being active is a big part of me. I practice what I preach and really enjoy weight training and crossfit. I have a coach myself - to keep me accountable. I’m drawn to the mountains because there I can go off grid and get away from distractions. We don’t always plan where, and sometimes just let the road take us somewhere.  

Q. Tell us a bit more about the 21-day program.

It’s a kick start program designed to help re-ignite the passion for healthy living. The program has everything needed to you get back on track with multiple components: daily motivation, workouts, nutrition and community support system. It’s amazing to see that small changes in 21 days can make you feel so much better and motivate you to keep on. It’s a great way to feel and look better - maybe for a vacation or wedding or something. We run the program every 4 weeks.