Ambassador Insights #3

Meet Deb Sousa - Founder of The 80/20 Hub

Growing up in Brazil, Debora Sousa’s ballet training and sport loving family made her a natural athlete. Her sport - volleyball - found her when she was recruited to play on a team when she was 12 years old. Throughout her teens, she competed at the club level and loved it, but, like many -  adult life got in the way.  Her activity level decreased and her weight slowly crept up until she got to the point where she knew she needed to do something about it. Through diet, Deb dropped 44 pounds and found her passion in nutrition coaching.  

Fast-forward to today where Deb’s high energy and outgoing personality matches perfectly with The 80/20 Hub - her health studio in Inglewood that she built based on her personal experience and through coaching others to form habits that helped keep her fit and lean. The Hub’s focus is 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent fitness and 100% mindset - and is a testament to her evolution.

Q. What led you back to being active?

The athlete in me loved competing but I used to think that working out was so boring. I knew that the fitness side was integral to health so I’ve committed myself to running a half-marathon, started working with a personal trainer and went from “skinny” to “fit” but most importantly, turned fitness into part of my lifestyle and something that I’ve learned to love.

Q. And, how did that translate into your starting The 80/20 Hub?

The Hub integrates everything into one - a full coaching facility with workouts and nutrition coaching combined with all kinds of ways to build motivation and form habits. It’s about a community that empowers, encourages and educates.  What I mean is, while I do coach nutrition and fitness, it’s inclusive. I invite others to introduce novel classes and programs. We try all sorts of fun ways to help people find ways to be more active. The point is to find a variety of ways to make it fun and always remembering that nutrition comes first.

Q. What activities do you participate in these days?

I almost never say no for volleyball! So I’m in a league and sub whenever possible. In Florida, I played beach volleyball and sub here in the summer. I’ve built the Calgary half-marathon into my annual goals but this year, I am going for the full! So I am starting the training for that. At the gym, I do weights and HIIT training. I also teach classes - incorporating things like Capoeira - the Brazilian Martial Art - cardio drumming and other fun ways to shake things up.

Q. How did you become a PlayCity Ambassador?

Hafiz was one of the first people I met in Calgary. It was some kind of workout event. Hafiz told me the PlayCity story and I thought it was a brilliant idea.  When you’ve moved around, like I did - from Brazil to Lethbridge to Florida and back to Canada -  it’s hard to meet people and make friends.  Meeting people to try something new is a great way to build a positive connection. I love the app and have used it to sub for volleyball and set up hikes. Like the Thanksgiving hike with PlayCity Ambassadors. I like the new event feature and plan to use it to set up more winter outdoor activities for groups.

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