What a year it's been!

Hello everyone,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been one whole year since we launched the PlayCity app. So much has happened since June of last year, and we couldn’t be more proud to have you as a part of the PlayCity community.

We’re Passionate About Connecting People

After launching version #1  of the app, something really magical happened. We realized that the true value of PlayCity was connecting people based on a mutually shared interest. In a world that is plagued with polarizing issues tearing people apart, PlayCity brings people together. The testimonials that we received from our users saying they met someone really cool and had a great match were music to our ears. There are so many benefits of using PlayCity: our users told us that making new friends, getting healthier and playing are all awesome by products of PlayCity.

We Need Your Help

We know the app is not perfect. There have been issues and bugs and we appreciate all of your feedback because it helps us to make a better app for you. Our goal - and the only way we will thrive - is to continuously aim to add value to your life. We will do this in two ways. First, we are going to do this by growing the PlayCity community, which will make it even easier for you to meet new people. Second, we continue to be committed to  introducing new features and updates to the app based on your feedback.

There’s more to come!

Fast forward a year. PlayCity has a full team and some really amazing partnerships. We started in Calgary and have since been downloaded in over 30 countries all across the globe! We have also partnered with many other local organizations that believe that physical activity is a great vehicle to create change in your life, your community, your city, your world.

We are planning another release of PlayCity very soon. As always, we really appreciate your feedback, so please keep it coming. We need your help to grow: as a community-based app that grows depending on where we are downloaded, help us grow and reach more cities by inviting your friends to download the app.

Our sincere hope is that you meet someone new, be active and have fun. Life is short, go play!


Hafiz Mitha and the PlayCity team