Get ready for more...

PlayCity was made to help people connect through physical activity. From day one, our mission has been to be the easiest and fastest way to meet someone to play, whenever and wherever you want to. Since launching one year ago, we are proud to say that we have just under 2000 people on the app, have been downloaded in over 20 cities, and have helped make over 1500 unique matches!

PlayCity is a work in progress. We strive to add value to your lives; please continue to share your feedback and we will use it to continue to make improvements to the app. With that being said, we are happy to announce that we have launched a - new and improved - Version #2 of PlayCity! The mission still remains the same, the app however, is a little different...we hope you like it!


So what’s new in this version?

Well, there are primarily four big changes:




# 1

An enhanced “Profile” page

The feedback we got from most people was that they wanted to have more information on a user before they decided to invite them or not. Where do they have memberships? Are they inclined to play at a certain location and time? We heard your feedback, and the new and enhanced “Profile” page will now give all users the opportunity to put in more information about themselves, so that every user has more information to make a better, qualified match.


# 2

Better settings for the activities

In the attempt to make things easier, we decided to change the “star system” to one that allows you to pick if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced for each activity. Rather than now agonizing over whether you should rate yourself with two stars versus three stars, you can now slate yourself into the “intermediate” category. This applies to all activities including dog walking! (because sometimes you really want to go for a serious walk)



# 3

A brand new Events tab

Don’t you hate when you hear about a really cool event after it has already passed, and you think to yourself “I would have totally gone to that if I’d known!”? Well, now you won’t have to feel that regret with the new “Events” tab that we’ve created in the app. Our partners and ambassadors in the City have a variety of great events lined up and they are all excited to share them with you. Stay in the know so you can attend really awesome events and meet some amazing people in the process.



And last but not least, a Places tab

Have you ever wanted to suddenly know what the schedule was for the gym that’s closest to you? Or maybe you were curious to when the badminton courts were open at the rec facility down the street. With the “Locations” tab, you can view real-time information for the facilities closest to you. View schedules, hours of operation and other promotions that only PlayCity members can enjoy.


We hope you like the new version of PlayCity. To ensure we have the best community, we will have to log everyone out of the app. So we ask that you please update the app in your app stores to get the optimal experience.

As always, if you know friends that you think would be interested in PlayCity, please share on social media or forward this message to them.




The PlayCity team